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I feel so honoured to have this great opportunity to express my undying feelings about charity and to communicate my motivations, my experiences, and to have you on the same side with me, on same quest; the quest to promote charity and generosity.

Like I said before, charity is an act of kindness and understanding toward others by suggesting generosity. It is benevolence to the less privileged.
Now, my strong hold on charity especially to orphans is driven by my true understanding of what life could be without parents. This understanding stands on the foundation of my life's experience.
I was never held in the strong arms of a loving father, mine died few months before I was born, and I was told I have his eyes, his hairs, his skin colour, but I never got to see these similarities myself. While growing, I was starved of the love of a father, the beauty of a complete family, I had no sister and every childhood boast about a father got to me directly or indirectly reminding me that mine has died.
Though my mother had go through every single moan and groan to keep up the family, earn bread and make ends meet, yet there were days of unending hungers whip, I felt the pain as a child, the incompleteness and the loneliness from not having a sister was almost unbearable.
Now you see, if life was this tough for me as a child with a single parent, what would be the fate of the motherless and fatherless?
I grew up sharing almost the same fate with orphans.. Though my super hero mum brought us to a great height, I kept feeling sympathy for the less privileged especially orphans and always visited The Red Cross Orphanage Home at Onitsha when I could because, I understand how it feels not having one parent, not to talk of when you do not have both.
To my fellow models and Queens,upcoming models and to all the girls out there these are my words for you;
All women are Queens: the affluent, the poor, the most beautiful, the less beautiful, the orphans, models and non models, every woman is a Queen.
Because of this, we must understand that female models and Queens are ladies who make lasting impressions, we are people who are being looked up to, we are successful examples to be copied, and we are figures of eloquence and virtues.

We should remember that we must think before we speak, and we must let our words and actions depict humility and charity. We must let beauty, charity, generosity, humility and competence dance on the runway so as to shame ineptitude and arrogance. It is our duties to uphold societal values and promote charity in any little way we can. We must shame promiscuity and promote modesty because we do not know whose life we might be inspiring through our dressing, our elegance and eloquence.
Having said these, I do not think there much left unsaid, we all know the right things deep down in our hearts, we all have the ability and the strength to beautify womanhood and right wrongs in our own little ways.

I love you all !!!
Miss Galaxy Imo queen 2016/2017
Alpho-igwe Prisca Soczy

Nice one..
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